Black Furnace Filters - Is that a problem?

The function of Furnace Filters
It's a cycle that goes on and on and on. The hot air from the Furnace get blown up to the rooms and the cooler air comes back through return air duct back to the Furnace to treatment. This process continues and per day the air circulates through the ductwork approximately 5-7 times in Winters. But as it passes through the Ducts it also has to pass through the Filters that are placed at the supply ducts and sometimes at the return ducts too. The purpose of Furnace Filters is to trap the air pollutants, that includes dust and debris, pet dander, skin scratch and airborne particles. So the Ductwork basically does not only provide treated air for indoor comfort but also makes the provision of healthier air possible by trapping the unhealthy particulates and Filters help in that process.

Black Air Filters - What to do?
Before you find out what to do with your Furnace Filters if they appear to be black, find out first what makes them look like that.

Lack of cleaning/replacement:

As you might already have seen that the colour of Furnace Filters is white. Wonder why? So that you could easily see the dirt clogged to them. But interestingly, even that the colour is white and even a slight dust can easily be discovered on it, some people are too ignorant to clean or replace their Furnace Filters. As the time passes, the layers of dust get stronger and stronger, changing its colour over time. This could be one reason of why the Furnace Filters appears black.

Fit it!
It is important to give your Filters a slight bath by cleaning them with a washing powder solution because this Black Filter is basically contributing to a lot of heat loss and guess how? When the passageways are clogged. the Furnace has to insert more effort to blow the air. The needs more energy this utilises more fuel/gas and results in fatty bills. Better replace your Furnace Filters for few $s than to get fainted by seeing horrible energy bills every month.  

Carbon Monoxide

Here's a serious reason behind blackened Furnace Filter and that is the emission of Carbon Monoxide. If the silent killer, carbon monoxide is reaching your indoor air it will begin to blacken the Furnace Filters. This is a serious threat to yours and your family's life. Carbon Monoxide leakage from Furnaces has caused several casualties and extremely bad accidents resulting in life loss and property damage.

Fit it!    
A careful approach to make sure your Furnace Filter isn't black due to Carbon Monoxide is to install a carbon monoxide detector. But in case you don't have a carbon monoxide detector and are facing black Furnace Filters continuously, the only careful solution is to call a professional HVAC service provider to make sure there's no Carbon Monoxide leakage through the vents.

Inadequate Combustion Air
The combustion air is basically the fresh air that reaches the Furnace for treatment. In other words, it is the non-treated indoor air. Since the Furnace requires Air to warm it up, an adequate supply of air is required. When the supply is inadequate the Furnace Filters get blackened due to inadequate combustion air which is either overly treated or improperly treated.

Fix It!
The reason of inadequate combustion air could be clogged return vents. Return vents just like the supply vents get dirty and hinder the proper supply of air through them particularly if they also have filters installed. Cleaning the return vent filters can help fix this problem. Or the system could be checked by a professional to make sure the return ducts are sucking up cold air properly.
A quick DIY troubleshoot here is to take a piece of paper and place it at the cold air vent/return duct. If it does not sufficiently get pulled towards the vent, it shows there's something wrong with the return duct and the system is not pulling adequate combustion air. Once again, a professional will help.

Bottom Line:
Black Furnace Filters are a serious thing. If your Furnace filters are black, they're either putting you on a threat or your system at risk both ways creating the ground of trouble for you. A careful approach is to check your Furnace filters regularly and clean them as soon as they get dirty. Moreover, if your filters constantly get dirty, call an HVAC service provider to help you fix the problem.


Uneven Indoor Temperature, 2 Reasons-2 solutions

Ever felt a strange feeling due to change in temperature as you move from one corner to another corner in your home or from one room to another? You must have! Wonder if there is a difference in temperature within home rooms too? O yeah, there is!
While a residential Furnace is a whole home heating appliance, it might not be heating your home evenly consequently, as you move from one room to another, from one corner of the home to another, you feel discomfort instead of comfort due to the difference in temperature. Some spots are warmer than the other. Every time you sit there, you feel like putting off your socks. Similarly, some spots within a home give a sudden cold feeling. So why does that happen and how to troubleshoot uneven indoor temperature? Time to explore!

Reason#1 - Faulty Ductwork:

We've always been emphasising on the importance of professional help no matter what appliance are you installing. If you're concerned about your comfort and your savings, there's no better shortcut than choosing professional services and get yourself a long term relief. One of the major reasons of uneven distribution of Furnace heat is the faulty Ductwork. Generally, the ducts going to the room closets further away from the Furnace are made smaller in order to allow more air to reach them. In case the ducts are faulty, hot air from the Furnace will be distributed unevenly through different rooms causing discomfort.

Reason#2 - Improper Thermostat Location:

A thermostat is, after all, a sensing device. Its sensors capture the outdoor temperature in order to modify the indoor appliance's temperature accordingly. Another reason of uneven heat distribution within the home is the location of the Thermostat. Usually, the Furnace is located in the basement. If the thermostat is located on the first floor, it functions according to temperature it senses on the first floor without taking into account the temperature of the top floors. The top floor would then receive insufficient heat particularly if there's a duct size issue as well.


Solution# 1 - Professional HVAC Service Provider

If you're facing uneven indoor temperature, the credit goes to your HVAC service provider. And some of the credit goes to you as well on choosing a service that was not professional enough. Now that the problem has occurred, better not to call the same service to fix that. Consult the most reliable HVAC services contractors in your area to fix this problem. Better check out your neighbour's service providers if they're a happy customer of them.

Solution# 2 - ZO-ZO Zoning

The Zo-Zo was just a rhyme to recall kindergarten memories. It's ''Zoning'' actually. Zoning is a wonderful way to get complete control over the heating and cooling of different rooms in your home. In zoning, rooms are considered as different zones. These zones can be operated using Smart Zoning Thermostats to allow more or less heat to get to the rooms. In order to avoid heat loss, heat supply to the rooms not in use i.e guest rooms etc can totally be cut off. And the rooms in use can be kept moderate and even.

Did you find the above-mentioned information helpful? Are you facing uneven indoor temperature? Get in touch. We can help you!


Breathe Fresh and Healthy - Use Ultra-Violet Lights

You will be surprised to know that staying inside your house does not provide protection against germs. In fact, the indoor air can be more polluted than the outdoor environment.
Outdoors, the green plants are constantly cleaning the air to help it get rid of most pollutants.
However, you do not have such natural cleaners inside most buildings. What you can do instead is turn to UV lights for help. Ultraviolet radiation has been scientifically proven to be effective at killing germs including bacteria, fungi and viruses. It can, therefore, drastically improve the quality of indoor air.
The following discussion sheds more light on this breakthrough:

Untreated Indoor Air – a Health Hazard

Lennox Ultra Violet Lights

Before finding out how UV lights can help you, it will be useful to understand the health hazard posed by untreated indoor air. No matter how much you vacuum the floors and dust the furniture, you cannot get rid of disease-causing pathogens. Most allergens and viruses also remain airborne even if you keep the windows closed all day long. This is not only a problem in common households but can also be disastrous in hospitals, labs, food outlets and other public buildings.

Most issues caused by polluted indoor air include allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Likewise, viral and bacterial diseases also spread swiftly from one member of the household to the other. This means you need an extremely effective way of improving the indoor air quality in order to avoid these significant health hazards.

UV Radiation against Airborne Germs

UV Lights

Airborne pathogens can easily escape the furnace air conditioner filters in buildings. UV radiation can prove to be effective at killing these germs. Germicidal ultraviolet light is available for use in residential as well as commercial buildings to purify the indoor air. UVGC – short for Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation – consists of short ultraviolet waves. These waves kill or inactivate different types of pathogens. UVGC has been proven to kill tuberculosis found in the air. Likewise, it is also capable of destroying other types of bacteria, fungi, viruses, molds and mildew. Health officials, therefore, recommend the installation of UV cleaners or lights in homes and other buildings in order to keep the indoor air pathogen-free.

How does the System Work

Germicidal UV radiation poses no harm to the human health but is effective at killing pathogens as well as pathogenic spores. The radiation penetrates bacterial or virus cells and destroys their DNA or RNA. In this way, the entire cell is destroyed or inactivated. A UV lamp is installed by a professional. The installation is done near the ductwork of your building. Germicidal UV light is then emitted on the air that passes through the ductwork into your building.

The Bottom Line

Using UV lamps is a safe way of purifying your indoor air. It effectively kills all disease-causing microorganisms and keeps allergens away. It is a scientifically proven and approved way of improving the indoor air quality. There will be no more allergies, diseases or respiratory issues in your home if you turn to this breakthrough air-cleaning technology.
Find out Ultra-Violet Light HERE


Save Earth! Choose the right Air Conditioners

What if you're told that you're responsible for the deadliest floods that hit the world in the last ten years, the earthquakes that cracked open the Earth's crust, the hundred and thousand of life loss and all those horrendous natural disasters?  Sounds a scary supposition? Isn’t that? But that's not just a supposition. You might certainly be one of the contributors to these havocs if you've been too careless about choosing the quality appliances and the right air conditioning services. Global warming man! Global warming! 

Cheap air conditioning appliances are killing the planet:

Thanks to the technology! We're able to conquer seasons, weathers and probably the environment as well. You can enjoy soothing warm air in your room while it’s freezing cold outside. You can also feel like being in the cold Scandinavian harbours while the sun outside is shining outrageously. That can nonetheless be considered that we've conquered the weathers to create a weather of our choice at least within the four walls of a room. But that's meanness to think merely for your ease. If your HVAC appliances are creating a heaven for you and a hell for someone living on the other corner of the world, you should rethink of the kind of pleasure you enjoy.

Goes without saying that the cooling appliances are contributing to global warming. That is, by producing HFC' and CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons) that contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. But hold on! You might not have looked deep into what actually depletes the ozone. It is basically the chlorinated refrigerants that usually leak from appliances because there was improper maintenance,  faulty appliance design or a bad fixation. These chlorinated refrigerants are usually not emitted from quality appliances that are fixed and maintained properly. The best appliances nonetheless are those that do not use chlorofluorocarbons in their air conditioning appliances.

We care for you, we care for the planet:

O yes, we do!
Being one of the most reliable companies to provide HVAC services, we recognise the responsibility of not only providing the best services to our customers but also to be the source of an overall comfort for all. While it has already been established that the two main factors that contribute to ozone depletion by the use of air conditioning appliances are;
(i) Bad product design and (ii) bad maintenance and fixing, we the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. feel pride in successfully countering both these issues.

While on one hand Cosmopolitan Mechanical has the trained and experienced technical staff to make the job done in the perfect way so that no leakage occurs, it also on the same hand has aligned itself with companies that are introducing environment-friendly air conditioning appliances, Lennox being on top. Introducing a product is easy, offering a service is easier, but leading while making an ease and comfort for all is what must count as the most moralistic service. Cosmopolitan mechanical holds the privilege to perform this holistic and moralistic service. When we create ease for you, we do not create unease for others.

You should care as well:

It is crucial now that while the planet is becoming hotter and unpredictable with every passing year, you as an individual feel the responsibility of making this planet the safest place for everyone since we don't have a choice to move to another so far.Earth is the only choice. For this reason, every time you think of creating a cool environment for yourself, think also of not making it hot for somebody else by taking the best possible air conditioning services and appliances. We are contributing, so should you. And when you plan to contribute, we’re just one phone call away. Cosmopolitan Mechanical waits for you with the best environment-friendly appliances and the best technical staff, to care for you, to care for the world.


Emergency Furnace Service

By Mean of the Provision of 24 Hour Furnace Repair Cosmopolitan Mechanical encompasses Trust for Instantaneous Response and Efficiency 

At Cosmopolitan Mechanical, our specialized Technicians are well known regarding the worth of making provision of quick response and exactness of efficiency at an occasion your heating systems get stalled. Whether the matter of production, safety, comfort or both we are exceedingly committed for getting back your Furnace former normal functioning and recognize that executing as swift as possible is crucial. 

Through rendering opportunity of 24 hour Furnace Repair Service throughout Canada, you can join hands with Cosmopolitan Mechanical to acquire HVAC repair technician nearby.

The Cosmopolitan Mechanical heating repair technicians are strikingly skilled in the furnishing of repair services intended for large as well as complex Furnaces to small as well as basic ones. We are stunningly trained enough to furnish repair work for vast range of HVAC brands, having inclusion of Rheem, York, Mitsubishi, LG, Amana, Lennox, Carrier, Honeywell etc. In discrimination with miscellaneous other HVAC companies, our technicians are awarded with licensing and insurance for making provision to you with largely distinguishing as well as quality performances each time. We are never urged of employing independent heating contractors; indeed our team is developed by extremely trained, intensely specialized as well as massively professional heating technicians with well-established reputation of excellence.

At this point of time if you are requiring emergency Furnace repair count on the industry professionals at Cosmopolitan Mechanical. We provide the fastidious response, deliver the tremendously effective workmanship as well as carry out operation with absoluteness the first time for regaining your surpassing execution.

For attaining 24 hour Furnace repair Feel Comfortable for Contacting now Cosmopolitan Mechanical at 905-822-9375 or 519-342-1246


Furnace Maintenance Tips

Majority of us attempt to get rid of our heating system getting malfunctioned at the time we require it most, therefore we setup a pre-season maintenance appointment from our local HVAC Company. Either it will be the middle of your businesses hectic season, or simply a cozy Sunday at residence, Cosmopolitan Mechanical Furnace Maintenance Service is exemplary.

What Is The Right time in order TO book FURNACE MAINTENANCE?

Furnace maintenance should be rendered at least once in a year, especially prior the heating season.

when is The right time for CHANGing THE FURNACE FILTER?

Swapping the filter specifically depends on what  kind of furnace you acquire. Few required swapped each few months, whereas others could be replaced or cleaned less frequently. Our Cosmopolitan Mechanical furnace maintenance technicians can let you know how to swap or clean it out yourself, or do it for you at the time of your annual furnace maintenance appointment.


Dirt is the major hazard of your house HVAC system; it could waste fuel as well as hinder your heating system’s proficiency of impressive functioning. The three parts of your furnace that should be remain cleaned are the filter, blower, as well as the blower motor. Whereas the foremost cleaning necessities to be accomplished by an HVAC specialist, there are number of easy things you can perform during maintenance appointments:

·     Clean the vents
Dust as well as debris could established in the vents causing blockage to the airflow, but is simple enough in order to clean out the surface debris. Take out the vent cover and clean out the interior exploiting a vacuum extension. Rely on our air duct cleaning intended for a thorough cleaning of your resident’s air duct system and vents. 

·     Clean Air Filter

The basic function of the furnace filters is to catch out dust, dirt as well as other debris prior it goes into the blower. The kind of furnace filter as well as the duration of your furnace execution will identify the frequency and cleaning procedure. For instance a reusable filter would simply be rinsed out. In case the filter found entirely clogged, you must plan replacing it immediately.

·     Clean the blower

Indeed the savvy Cosmopolitan Mechanical HVAC maintenance specialist might be capable to handle this one; we propose to get the cleaning of the blower from our specialized HVAC technicians. Cleaning the blower requires removing the access panels which cover the filter as well as cleaning pulleys, belts, as well as motor along with a damp cloth in order to eliminate any surrounded dirt.


Emergency Furnace Service

For The 24 Hour Furnace Repair Cosmopolitan Mechanical Gains Trust for Instant Response and Efficiency

At Cosmopolitan Mechanical, our specialized Technicians recognize the massive significance of furnishing instant response and accurate efficiency at the time your heating systems is malfunctioned. Whether it’s the matter of production, safety, comfort or both we recognize reviving your furnace previous stunning performance and know that functioning as soon as possible is crucial.

With 24 hour FurnaceRepair Service Throughout Canada, you can rely on Cosmopolitan Mechanical to have HVAC repair technician close by. 


The Cosmopolitan Mechanical heating repair technicians are tremendously skilled in the repair of large as well as complex furnaces to small and basic ones. We are specifically trained in the deliverance of repair work for a broad range of HVAC brands, including Rheem, Carrier, York, Amana, Lennox, Honeywell and many others. Unlike multifarious other HVAC companies, our technicians are licensed and insured for rendering you with reputable as well as reliable expertise each time. We never employ independent heating contractors; instead our team is a composite of exceedingly trained, considerably specialized as well as greatly professional heating technicians with a long-standing reputation of supremacy.

When you are necessitated with emergency furnace repair trust the industry professionals at Cosmopolitan Mechanical. We furnish the rapid response, render the immensely efficient workmanship as well as perform with precision the first time to bring your impressive functioning back.

For 24 hour Furnace repair Feel Free to Contact Cosmopolitan Mechanical at 905-822-9375 or 513-342-1246.