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5 ways to make your HVAC system healthy

Hey there! Happy Summer! O man, that sounded like a rhyme although I just intended greetings. So, Hi there! What's up? Summers have started, have you started to feel hot? Well, if you've already seen 30 degrees in Toronto, you must be having the same sentiments as us and they are: ''O God! When will this season end?'' Well, it is always hot outside but no wonder people who fail to enjoy ultimate home comfort complain about the severity of the seasons the most. That is because a person spends more than 80% of his life in the indoors. When it is discomforting it becomes irritating too that leads to complaining. But what if you could enjoy super cool Summer and super warm Winters with an ultimately amazing HVAC system? Na, Na you guessed it wrong, we ain't suggesting you install a new system, not even a new appliance. Today, the article is all about how can you make your HVAC system healthy and consequently enjoy unrivalled home comfort. Ready for the ride? He…
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HVAC Zoning Technology - Is it worth it?

What is Zoning Technology? So did you hear about Zoning Technology or want us to explain to you what it is? I guess you want to give us a chance. Alright great! Let's begin: Zoning HVAC Technology is basically man's attempt to create different temperatures of his own choice in different zones at home. Did you get that? Zoning allows heating or cooling of different rooms/places at different temperatures even though using the central heating/cooling system i.e Ductwork. The method involves installation of dampers in the ductwork. These dampers open or close depending on the temperature requirements. A Smart Thermostat can be used to control the temperatures of up to 7 different zones. So now you can keep your grandma's room less cool and your brother's super cool, keeping both of them comfortable.  

Benefits of Zoning system Keeps everybody happyWhat does zoning system have to do with happiness? Well, different people have different temperature requirements. You might feel…

5 common HVAC noises and what do they mean?

Are your HVAC noises keeping you up all night? If yes, you should probably explore in detail about the different types of HVAC noises to make sure what is normal, what is not. There are several homeowners who feel worried for the strange noises that they hear from their systems, however. the truth is, not all noises are worth worrying for. Some are just normal sounds that systems make as they run. Here is a description of some common HVAC noises and what do they really mean:

Rattling Well, I personally love the sounds of rattling leaves and therefore, can enjoy the one coming from my HVAC system but that's insane to do so since it's synonymous to risking my HVAC system which I certainly do not. Basically, the rattling sounds usually come from the vents and the reason is simple I.e something is stuck in the vents. The return ducts suck air so things that are placed close to them sometimes also fall into the ductwork accidentally that then produces a rattling sound. In order to t…

Want to Reduce Cooling Cost This Summer? Use these 5 ways

The dream that every homeowner has as the Summers begin is to make the most savings on energy bills without making any compromise on comfort. While some people think it is not possible, it actually is. Savings and home comfort can go hand in hand if the right practices are practised. Here are some ways to enjoy ultimate comfort in Summers while spending the least on energy bills.

Programmable Thermostat Programmable Thermostats can do wonders to bring down the graph of your energy bills in Summers. Interestingly, the cooling cost can be reduced up to 10% just by installing a Programmable Thermostat. Since this type of Thermostats can be programmed up to one week, turn appliances off automatically when not in use or when no one is at home and also suggest the temperature according to the outdoor temperature, less energy is consumed and thinner energy bills come home. Make this investment today and save on a long run.
Don't forget ceiling fan! As the Summers begin to get hotter, home…

How does Lennox Air Filtration system work?

It's cool to know the historical references of the inventions. There's a long way it takes to invent something and then in improving it's efficiency, performance and outlook. Let's take the example of the Air Filtration system. Air Filtration units came into residential use somewhere a few decades ago, however, the idea of filtration of Air through filters is almost 200 years old. O yeah! 200 years old. Ever saw those face masks? Face masks were initially used to provide individuals with filtered air. They are still being used. Later on, the idea expanded and the Air Filtration systems were introduced that had the capability to clean the Air of the entire home. In the case of face masks, it seems simple but does the Air Filtration units also work on the same principle? What are the components of an Air Filtration unit and what are some must know about them? It's time to explore all about Air Filtration Units. Let's begin:

How do Air Filtration Systems work? There …

Are Humidifiers effective in combating Pollen Allergy?

Pollen Allergy, how that occurs? Well, if you're aware of nature's wonderful system of reproduction for plants, you already know what Pollens and Pollen allergy is but in case you don't, no worries, we're just about to explain;  

Do you feel ''Love is in the air'' actually happening in Spring? You must because whether or not love is in the air in mid-February, it surely is in the mid-March as the Spring takes the first refreshing yawn. The flowers of Plants and trees release a powdery substance in Winters for the purpose of fertilisation. That powdery substance is called Pollen. The pollen grains are carried to other plants and trees through air or through insects that feed on flower nectar, for example, the honey bee. Pollens that are carried through insects do not cause any allergies, however, the pollens that are carried through air cause allergies like sneezing, running nose, fever etc. Although it seems ordinary, the allergy can go severe for some p…

Black Furnace Filters - Is that a problem?

The function of Furnace Filters It's a cycle that goes on and on and on. The hot air from the Furnace get blown up to the rooms and the cooler air comes back through return air duct back to the Furnace to treatment. This process continues and per day the air circulates through the ductwork approximately 5-7 times in Winters. But as it passes through the Ducts it also has to pass through the Filters that are placed at the supply ducts and sometimes at the return ducts too. The purpose of Furnace Filters is to trap the air pollutants, that includes dust and debris, pet dander, skin scratch and airborne particles. So the Ductwork basically does not only provide treated air for indoor comfort but also makes the provision of healthier air possible by trapping the unhealthy particulates and Filters help in that process.

Black Air Filters - What to do?
Before you find out what to do with your Furnace Filters if they appear to be black, find out first what makes them look like that.

Lack o…