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Are Humidifiers effective in combating Pollen Allergy?

Pollen Allergy, how that occurs?

Well, if you're aware of nature's wonderful system of reproduction for plants, you already know what Pollens and Pollen allergy is but in case you don't, no worries, we're just about to explain;  

Do you feel ''Love is in the air'' actually happening in Spring? You must because whether or not love is in the air in mid-February, it surely is in the mid-March as the Spring takes the first refreshing yawn. The flowers of Plants and trees release a powdery substance in Winters for the purpose of fertilisation. That powdery substance is called Pollen. The pollen grains are carried to other plants and trees through air or through insects that feed on flower nectar, for example, the honey bee. Pollens that are carried through insects do not cause any allergies, however, the pollens that are carried through air cause allergies like sneezing, running nose, fever etc. Although it seems ordinary, the allergy can go severe for some people and as a result, their normal everyday living gets affected. So what to do in order to combat the Pollen Allergy? Some people suggest using Humidifiers but how effective are they?


Humidifiers help combat pollen but NOT ALL!

Oh yes, you heard it right. If you'd purchased a Humidifier after randomly listening to its benefits but did not purchase the right one, you are for sure regretting the purchase because that Humidifier must not be helping you with your allergies. This is because not all Humidifiers are suitable for combating pollen. Interestingly, some may also worsen the allergies instead of treating them. Basically, the increased level of Humidity through water based Humidifiers give rise to the formation of mould, spores and dust mites that, as a result, cause more allergies. Remember that maintaining Humidity in Springs is different from maintaining humidity in Winters. In Winters, the air is dry and, therefore, Humidifiers effectively treat it. However, in Springs, the main purpose for which most allergy affected people use Humidifiers is to beat Allergies especially the pollen allergy. So, the use, the consequences and the strategy of using Humidifiers become different in Spring.

How do Humidifiers help treat Pollen Allergy?

It is no rocket science. As the Humidity level is increased, the Pollen in the air becomes heavy in weight due to moisture. As their weight increases, they can no longer stay in the air and have to settle down. This helps a great deal for those suffering from pollens since the pollens that cause allergies are the floating ones. This way, allergies can be reduced to a fair extent.
There are some Humidifiers that are especially effective. Here are a few:

Steam Humidifiers

Steam Humidifiers as the name suggests, boil the water and release it as steam in the air. The steam is less likely to cause moulds and airborne particles and thus does not contribute to promoting allergies. (See: Carrier Steam Humidifier)

Evaporative Humidifiers

The water in Evaporative Humidifiers is filtered through a wick and is then spread in the room. Such Humidifiers also help combat the Pollen allergies.

It is suggested to consult a professional HVAC service provider as well as your doctor regarding the type of Humidifier you should use in order to reduce the allergy risks due to Pollen in Spring. The best way to use Humidifiers is to use them in combination with an Air Purifier. This helps in trapping the particles while also creating a mildly moist environment.  


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