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Want to Reduce Cooling Cost This Summer? Use these 5 ways

The dream that every homeowner has as the Summers begin is to make the most savings on energy bills without making any compromise on comfort. While some people think it is not possible, it actually is. Savings and home comfort can go hand in hand if the right practices are practised. Here are some ways to enjoy ultimate comfort in Summers while spending the least on energy bills.


Programmable Thermostat
Programmable Thermostats can do wonders to bring down the graph of your energy bills in Summers. Interestingly, the cooling cost can be reduced up to 10% just by installing a Programmable Thermostat. Since this type of Thermostats can be programmed up to one week, turn appliances off automatically when not in use or when no one is at home and also suggest the temperature according to the outdoor temperature, less energy is consumed and thinner energy bills come home. Make this investment today and save on a long run.

Don't forget ceiling fan!
As the Summers begin to get hotter, homeowners totally forget the ceiling fans and prefer to keep their Air Conditioners ON all the way 24 hours to enjoy ultimate cooling. The interesting fact is; Ceiling fans can help reduce energy cost up to 1%. In an Air Conditioned room, turning the ceiling fan on can actually make you feel 4 degrees cooler. As a result, you'll reduce the air conditioner's temperature which can then prove to be cost effective in wider terms. So, don't forget that ceiling fan matters.

Sealing and Insulating Attic Floor
It's alright if you're not willing to go for whole home insulation but if you've an attic design home, consider insulating and sealing the attic floor. To your surprise, let us tell you that around 25% of the energy loss goes to the attic. Insulation and sealing of the attic are an investment that can help a great deal in saving on energy bills monthly while also keeping the home super comfortable.

Ductwork leaks - Fix it
Give a quick check to the ductwork! Some homeowners practice all the possible energy saving tricks and are yet seen complaining about fatty energy bills. One reason behind such cases is a leaking ductwork. Leaks in ductwork can waste up to 20% of energy consequently bringing hefty bills. In order to avoid this greater loss, give a quick check to your ductwork to spot leaks if any or call a professional to make sure the ductwork is in a fair condition.  

Avoid and exhaust inner heat gains
Avoid making use of such appliances in the daytime that are likely to produce heat I.e washing machine, food factories, dishwashers etc. Better use them in cooler hours I.e evening, night. But even if an inner heat is generated, make use of exhaust fans to expel the generated heat as early as possible so that the home could be kept cool.

These 5 ways can help a great deal in spending cooler Summers while spending less on energy cost. All it takes is wise investments and careful practices. So here you go! Start saving.


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